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Pilates -Joseph Pilates

Against all odds

Born in 1883 in Germany, Joseph Pilates overcame his childhood frailty and illnesses through sheer determination. He became a competent diver, skier and gymnast, developing his own unique system of physical fitness.

Pilates moved to Britain as a young man, teaching self-defence at Scotland Yard. However, during World War I, he was interned along with all other “enemy aliens”.

While in captivity, he started furthering this unique method of exercise and started teaching other internees. In the hospitals where he worked as an orderly, he rigged springs to beds to allow patients to exercise. Looking at the modern day Reformer, one easily sees the origins of this popular piece of equipment.


Ahead of his time

After his release, he returned to Germany where his methods became popular with dancers. Joseph emigrated to America in 1926 and en route met his wife. Together they opened a studio in New York, sharing an address with the New York City Ballet.

Through the decades, Pilates’ method has steadily became ever more popular as a highly effective method of exercise.

With studios opening worldwide, Pilates has established itself as one of the most effective, successful fitness regimes in history.

Every moment of our lives
can be the beginning of great things
- Joseph Pilates