The body is made to move

With roots in Yoga, Tai Chi and dance, the Gyrotonic method is an original and unique form of exercise performed on specialised equipment.

Incorporating the signature spiralling movements flowing together harmoniously, the body is assisted by the use of the custom designed equipment that incorporate light weights. The equipment allows the body to move through a natural range of motions with ease and comfort to create balance, strength, flexibility and efficiency.

Designed and developed by Juliu Horvath, all the equipment is highly adjustable and can be customised to fit each individual’s unique requirements. Settings are adjusted to accommodate physique and ability as well as the person’s height, arm and leg length.

Classes are tailored to suit the individual’s ability and can therefore be practiced by people of all ages, including accomplished athletes and dancers, expecting mothers and people with disabilities.


It is the expression of one's soul through fluid movement, similar to dancing, and through it you can become connected in mind, body and spirit.
Tanya Struwig - Instructor