The Gyrokinesis method gently works the entire body through gently spiralling movements done in a rhythmical, flowing sequence.

Drawing from its roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics and dance, this method is a unique and original method of exercise performed on specialised chairs and mats.

The method is practised in group or private classes led by a certified Gyrokinesis Trainer and are available in 60 or 90 minute formats.

The graceful, spiralling sequences and undulations stimulate the internal organs and improve the flow of spinal fluid. The nervous system is awakened and the senses heightened through the rhythmic choreography of the exercises.


Standard Session
A 60 minute session starting on the chair, moving on to matwork and an aerobic sequence before finishing with the calming and centering unwinding routine.

Advanced Session
A 90 minute session including the standard routines but adding the standing wave series and the awakening of the senses.

Body Brushing
A sensory experience occassionally added to sessions to stimulate the lymph system.

Classes are tailored to best suit each individual’s ability to ensure it can be practiced by people of all ages, including accomplished athletes and dancers, expecting mothers and people with disabilities.